The Alternative to Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will soon loose 200,000-400,000 of its members due to its recent decision to allow openly homosexual boys to take part in scouting, according to John Stemberger, Eagle Scout and former scoutmaster.  In a move to create an alternative scouting organization for these concerned families, Stemberger and other like-minded individuals to formed "Trail Life USA," an ecumenical coalition led specifically by Christian adults.

Originally launched at the website, this new group has received over 30,000 calls from former scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts, parents, and church leaders across the country who are concerned where the BSA will assign these "out-and-proud" youths to tent and whether their inclusion will increase boy-on-boy sexual contact

The group unveiled the name "Trail Life USA" at their first national convention on September 6, 2013, where representatives from 44 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, learned more about this scouting alternative for boys 5-17 years of age. 

According to their email blasts, here is an outline of differences between the BSA and the new Youth Adventure Program:
  • The BSA's new policy requires troops to accept "open and avowed homosexuality" among its boys. The new group does not.
  • The BSA's new policy requires troops to accept boys who express any "sexual preference." The new group does not.

  • The BSA's new policy appears to require troops to accept transgendered boys whose "sexual preference" is to dress and act out like a girl. The new group does not.

  • The BSA's new policy also appears to allow girls who subjectively want to act out as boys as their "sexual preference". The new group specifically requires youth members to be "biologically male."

  • The BSA has no fixed objective standard for what words like "morally straight", "clean" and "reverent" mean. The new group clearly articulates its values and morals.

  • The heart of the mission statement of the BSA is to "prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes." In contrast, the basis of the new group's ethics, morals, and values come from the Bible and the statement of values which expressly defines those standards.

  • The BSA has no fixed or objective standard for normative human sexuality or what it means to be "morally straight." The new group is clear that "any sexual activity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman is sinful before God and therefore inconsistent with the values and principles of the program."

  • The BSA is a non-sectarian organization that has a generic "duty to God." The new organization is "Christ-Centered" in that it requires adult members to subscribe to and abide by a Christian statement of faith and values.

  • The BSA's decision-making comes through the centralized control of professional paid executives, whose hand-selected delegates vote a certain way in policy change. The new organization, in order to respect the will of local leaders and members, has decentralized control.
(Click here to view a printable PDF copy of this chart and outline.)

Chartering new troops begins this month, and the program will officially launch January 1, 2014.  Those seeking to transfer membership to this new organization are promised like ranking and decoration, so experienced scouts need not start over again with blank sashes.  View Trail Life's membership policy page for more information about joining, or contact with any other questions.

Note: Check with your church if you seek a more denomination-specific alternative to these two organizations.

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