Driscoll and MacDonald fail to demonstrate biblical masculinity

Here's how it was, according to Be Not Surprised:
  • Mark Driscoll kept his word and crashed the Strange Fire Conference, handing out free copies of his book A Call to Resurgence with James MacDonald watching from the car. 
  • Grace Church security confronted Driscoll and offered to help him carry his books back to his car.
  • Driscoll instead offered the lot to security as a gift to Grace Church, but then claimed on Twitter that they confiscated them.
  • Both Driscoll or MacDonald stopped at the conference on their way to their own conference to supposedly instruct attendees to "act like men."
And that, in short order, is why conferences calling us back to the Word of God like Strange Fire are so necessary.


Aw, the footage.  What a shame:

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