Martin Luther King Jr.'s Address to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

As American Christians as well as saints the world over ponder the most biblical answers to racism and injustice, this day affords us reflection on one of the greatest proponents for justice.  Though we might not agree with every tenet of his beliefs, his words still echo the universal truths God ordered in creation. 

On April 19, 1961, King challenged Southern Baptist seminarians to end segregation, nearly a hundred years after the Civil War resulted in largely segregated Baptist congregations and conventions.  Though so many years passed, maintaining the societal and traditional status quo seemed more comfortable than developing the counter-cultural, contra mundum mindset that God calls Christians to have. 

You can listen to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Julius B. Gay Lecture here and his lecture to a Christian ethics class here. (HT:

Sadly, if King and other blacks were allowed to enroll in white, conservative seminaries, their message would have been so much more powerful and authoritative; but, then again, we would have already been more willing to listen. 

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