Looking for good commentaries for your sermons?

It's true: books from trusted sources weed through the commentaries for the very best, such as Commentaries For Biblical Expositors by Dr. Jim Rosscup.

Even so, when we happen upon potential gold at the thrift store, is there an online resource we can check via smartphone?

DTS grad John Dyer brings Dr. Rosscup, D. A. Carson, and many others together at www.BestCommentaries.com/.  Navigation is easy, searchable by Bible books, commentary title, and author name.  Each commentary receives a score based on an algorithm that "serves as a guide to help students of the Scriptures know where to start." 

There are even books on theology and Christian living that will help any teacher of God's Word.  Give Best Commentaries a try.

This, as well as other free Bible resources, may be found on the Bible Study Links page.

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