The Ergun Caner debacle continues

Thankfully, TurretinFan collected the evidence against him in one massive post.  Because the post is so massive, below is an overview:
  1. Autobiographical Statements:
    1. Caner incorrectly states his full name on a number of occasions.
    2. Caner incorrectly states his biological and religious ancestry on a number of occasions.
    3. Caner incorrectly states his country of origin and time of arriving in the USA on a number of occasions.
    4. Caner inconsistently states his age of conversion and exposure to Christianity on a number of occasions.
    5. Caner incorrectly (?) states that he studied jihad in whatever was his home country on a number of occasions; the evidence is that he grew up in Ohio.
    6. Caner inconsistently states his language abilities on a number of occasions, and the evidence is lacking.
    7. Caner incorrectly states his attire of choice in high school, claiming the a-typical Western wear such as the keffiyeh, etc. while pictured wearing typical American attire.
    8. Caner inconsistently states the rejection level of his family resulting from his conversion.
    9. Caner inconsistently states his father's position in Islamic society, claiming anything from an engineer to a scholar.
    10. Caner inconsistently states the number of his father's wives.
    11. Caner inconsistently states his mother's beliefs.
    12. Caner incorrectly (?) states that he has half-brothers.
  2. Debating Claims: Though making numerous claims of debating Muslims, no evidence exists of any point-counterpoint debate featuring Caner (follow the link to see the specifics).
  3. Incorrect statements regarding Islam/ Hadith/ Koran (in other words, all false):
    1. Mohammed/Koran Teaches that Ishmael not Isaac was almost killed by Abraham
    2. Mohammed Borrowed from the Gospel of Barnabas
    3. Mohammed Didn't Believe we Worship the Same God
    4. Circumcision is called "Ma┼čallah" in Islam
    5. You're Supposed to say "Inshallah" after You Experience Some Misfortune
    6. Surah 1 has Six Verses
    7. Eid al-Adha is the Celebration at the End of Ramadan
    8. Ramadan has 40 days?
    9. Abinadab is a Pillar of Islam
    10. Hadith is Nine Volumes
    11. Strict Muslims Don't Allow Their Photographs to be Taken
    12. Training School is called a Madras (sic)
    13. There is no Pulpit in a Mosque
    14. If a Christian speaks in a Mosque, the Mosque would have to be razed
    15. Confused about Relationship between John 14 and Surah 61:6 and the name Mohammed / its meaning
    16. Baruch as a Major Prophet of Islam
    17. Injeel is a term for evil spirits?
    18. Singing is Forbidden in Mosques?
    19. Garbled Surah 61 Relationship to John 16
    20. Claimed there is a meeting of the "caliphat" [sic] every 8 years
TurretinFan lists a great deal more, citing evidence for each instance.  He provides a bibliography, and if you follow his label for Ergun Caner, you can descend deeper into the muck of this affair. While TurretinFan links to some of Caner's defenders, the evidence paints the picture of a Bible teacher to be avoided.

We are praying for Caner's full repentance and hope that his speaking engagements at churches would evaporate until such a day.

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