Building Confidence in the Word of God

If Newsweek's yuletide drive-by on the Bible (a sloppy bit of journalism dismantled by James White) is any reminder, it is that the world will continue its attacks of the trustworthiness of God's Word.

Yet, fewer Christian institutions defend Scripture against such fallacious attacks.  It seems that every year, Evangelical scholarship becomes more willing to allow such questions to go unanswered, even promoting them in classrooms as valid inquiries.

Can a believer have confidence that what God spoke is inerrant?  If you're a pastor or Christian leader who needs to build his confidence in the Bible or disciple others in the same, this conference is for you.

Unfortunately, registration is already closed.  However, you can follow the conference online live and for free at  Be sure to follow the conference on Twitter for updates and possible openings at  As always, after the conference is complete, you may also catch it on the download.

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