Salvation Belongs to the Lord | Psalm 3:7–8

          Arise, O Lord!
            Save me, O my God!
            For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;
            you break the teeth of the wicked.
          Salvation belongs to the Lord;
            your blessing be on your people! Selah

We should appreciate David’s dual desire—victory over his enemies, but also their good.  That’s because, in this case, his enemies are his kinsmen.  Just as Paul faced persecution from his fellow Jews but also desired their salvation (cf. Rm 9:3), David here seeks the Lord’s blessing for His people. 

Always remember that salvation belongs to the Lord.  In David’s case, this in part means physical salvation.  He calls on the Lord to arise over His enemies (cf. Nm 10:35), seeking the very help his enemies declare he lacks (v. 2).  David hopes to defeat Absalom, put down the rebellion, and return to his rightful throne.  He knows that the Lord has and will knock them in the jaw, breaking their teeth—a humiliating, painful, and memorable blow, but not fatal.  Defeating their power, God will have rescued David, so he trusts in the Lord who provides salvation.

Nonetheless, spiritual salvation is also implied, for he blessings for the very people wishing him harm.  We see this conflict in that David sent his generals to war, but ordered them, “Deal gently for my sake with the young man Absalom” (2 Sm 18:5).  David won’t seek retribution, even pardoning Shimei in 2 Samuel 19.  He wants his people to be whole and in a state of proper worship.  God can grant repentance to Israel ultimately through Jesus Christ (Acts 5:30); salvation belongs to the Lord.

Salvation is the Lord’s to grant and keep.  The Holy Spirit describes salvation as an unmerited gift (Eph 2:8–9).  Unlike a typical gift may be sold or lost, ownership of this gift resides in the steady hand of God.  He guards those being saved until the final day (1 Pt 1:5).  We may corrupt our way like David, even experiencing drastic personal consequences as a result, but our salvation is secure in the incorruptible Christ. 

As such, walk in confidence in He has done, but also pray that the Lord would grant salvation to the enemies.  May any deliverance we need come through the Lord blessing others with the repentance they need.  

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