Rest in Repentance | Psalm 4

Psalm 4  | Cornerstone Church of Savannah | Shaun Marksbury | 4 December, 2016

Good morning, church! The sermon for this morning is "Rest in Repentance" from Psalm 4. Our only hope to find rest is in repentance and faith in the gospel. As we move through this psalm, we’ll see just how it calls our soul to true rest in Jesus Christ.

I. The Call to Prayer (v. 1)
II. The Call to Penitence (vv. 2–5)
A. Recognize Your Silliness (vv. 2–3)
B. Repent of Your Sin (vv. 4–5)
III. The Call to Peace (vv. 6–8)
A. God is the Source of Good (v. 6)
B. God is the Source of Joy (v. 7)
C. God is the Source of Rest and Security (v. 8)
After the sermon, we're partaking in the Lord's Supper. If you're new or planning on visiting, we open an invitation to all baptized believers to join with us as we celebrate our unity in the body of Christ.
We hope to see you there at 10:30, and may the Lord bless His service!



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