The Church and Race

There's been quite a fervor of social justice issues entering into the church, including otherwise theologically-sound groups. Reformed voices decry white privilege, reprimand churches for not doing enough, and call for systematic changes throughout society.

CrossPolitic held an excellent discussion panel back in January that will hopefully help get the church back to it's gospel mission and some common sense.

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CrossPolitic Live at NSA: A Discussion on Church and Race with Dr. Voddie Baucham and Pastor Doug Wilson
1:26:51 | Recorded on January 27, 2017
Coming at you live from New Saint Andrews College, CrossPolitic host a discussion on Church and race with Dr. Voddie Baucham and Pastor Doug Wilson.  This topic gets a lot of attention in our culture and in our churches, but with little substance or progress in the conversations.  Adding to the challenges of this discussion, we have race riots, situations that require judicial discernment with cops killing blacks, 72% of all black babies are born out of wedlock in America, and layers upon layers that make this conversation so challenging.  What are the sins of the black race in all this and what are the sins of the white race in all this?  How do we sort through this discussion and how does the gospel apply to the context of our situation here in America?  Our hope is that this episode actually brings real substance and dialogue to this racial conversation that carries so much baggage in our culture.

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