What this blog is *currently* about

The clicks to this blog have passed the 6,000 mark, and it's been a while. So, here is a new Wordle cloud to see where the blog stands as far as content:

This is the entire text of the blog. It took me a while to clear all of the HTML, but there it is! I'm always surprised to see the many words and things I have come to repeat on this blog, however I'm glad to see that my English must be clear and strong about the topics of first importance. (How was that? Heh? Heh?)

I'm glad to see that the emphasis is basically the same from when the blog started.

FYI: there are still a few things bugging me about the feed settings. While working on that, I've come to the decision that the time has come for a complete overhaul. This includes adding a few pages and cleaning up the sidebars. I'm going to work on that in a couple of weeks after my first round of summer classes ends. If there are specific things you do/don't like about Pisteuo's setup, let me know!

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