Theology Lectures (2 of 4), TMS

The good folks at the Master's Seminary want to see the Christ's church as biblically-oriented and God-honoring as possible. As such, they have been placing their class lectures online for free.  This act of love provides wonderful opportunities for discipleship, training, and review.

This post highlights the second of four theology classes offered by the seminary (the first is here). Here are a few questions these videos will help you answer:
  • Who was Jesus of Nazareth? (Christology, the largest section)
    • What claims did He make?
    • Why did He come to earth and die?
    • What false beliefs and heresies about Christ have arisen over the years?
    • What prophecy points to Him?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit? (Pnuematology)
    • Or, should the question be what is the Holy Spirit?
    • What does the Holy Spirit do?
    • What does it mean to be indwelt by the Spirit?
    • How does the Holy Spirit work through the Charismatic-type churches?
  • What are angels and demons? (Angelology)
    • Who is Satan, for that matter?
    • What do holy angels do?
    • What do demons do?
    • What are demonic possessions, indwellings, and oppressions?
    • What is involved in spiritual warfare?
The class description according to the TMS catalog:
A study of Christology, the person and work of Jesus Christ; pneumatology, the person and work of the Holy Spirit; and angelology, including the nature and ministry of angels, Satan, and demons. Includes an introductory examination and critique of the charismatic movement.
Some of the required texts:
  • Robert M. Bowman, and J. Ed Komoszewski, Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ, [Kregel Publications, 2007].
  • Cole Graham A. He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, [Crossway, 2007].
  • Konya, Alex. Demons: A Biblical Perspective [Regular Baptist Press, 1990].
Video lectures for TH 606: Theology II

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