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Advice for Seminarians, Theology Students, and Young Pastors

Justin Taylor sneezed and out came a spots of light for students of God's Word.  Here you go: Kevin DeYoung has been blogging his “ Advice for Theological Students and Young Pastors ” ( points 1-20 ;  points 21-45 ). Bruce Ashford of Southeastern, blogging at  Between the Times , reprints the following blog series: On the Dangers of Seminary The Danger of Losing Your First Love for God and Your Love for the Lost The Danger of Allowing Seminary to Replace Church The Danger of Becoming a Dork The Danger of Seeking Academic Acclaim The Danger of Becoming a Punk On the Danger of Being THAT GUY The Danger of Missing Out And here are a few pieces I have appreciated in the past: Hermann Witsius, “ On the Character of a True Theologian “ B.B. Warfield, “ The Religious Life of Theological Students “ Helmut Thielicke, “ A Little Exercise for Young Theologians “ John Frame, “ Learning at Jesus’ Feet: A Case for Seminary Training “ John Frame, “ Studying Theology as a Servant of

Cultoons: Old Mormon vs New mormon (The Missouri Prophecies)

Defcon put together something they call a "cultoon" (an amalgamation of "cult" and "cartoon," if explanation is needed). Maybe the Latter-Day Saints define modern "prophets" like the Charismatic wing of Evangelicalism. They also listed the following citations from the video: And when we get into Jackson county to walk in the courts of that house, we can say we built this temple; for as the Lord lives we will build up Jackson county in this generation.  - Brigham Young,  Times & Seasons,  Volume 6, Page 956 April 06, 1845 To be in readiness to move into Jackson county in two years from the eleventh of September next, which is the appointed time for the redemption of Zion. - Joseph Smith,  History of the Church,  Volume 2, Page 145 August 16, 1834 The day is near when a Temple shall be reared in the Center Stake of Zion, and the Lord has said his glory shall rest on that House in this generation, that is in the genera

We've Been Expecting You, Part 1:13

For your Sunday reflection: The Noahic Covenant - Part 2 Bible: Genesis 6-9; Luke 3 "We've Been Expecting You" (Part I) is a study of Jesus in the Old Testament as we head to His birth. Genesis 6-9 is so important because we see that God divinely protected the seed lineage, so that the Promised Seed Jesus Messiah would one day be born. This is a tremendously warming section of Scripture to study because it shows God looking into the future to bring about everything He promised.

Bittersweet Victory in Dearborn

The four Christian missionaries walked out of the courtroom today with the judge's delightful words, "Y'all come back now." Unfortunately, one of the charges stuck -- Negeen was found guilty of disobeying an officer for continuing to video when ordered to stop.  Though the sentence was credited in full from her initial July visit to jail, she stills plans on appealing. Thankfully, the rest of the charges were dropped, though nothing was done about Roger Williams' false police report or the rest of the lies.  The four praise God for being counted worthy to have faced these false charges in the name of Christ, and you can read their account here .

Always get to the Gospel in Preaching: Driscoll, MacDonald, Dever

Dear reading pastor, I hope you consider the following in your next church service: (HT: The Resurgence

FF: Stargate Trifecta

Ah, I miss SG-1.  This is a parody of Tommy Tu-Tone's 80's classic Jenny (867-5309): Of course, I still have a slice from our wedding cake: (No, not really!)  Actually, my wife is going through SG-1 for the first time.  For her, I post this scene from the first season, where Teal'c gets his first glimpse of earth:

Public school takes kids to a worship service and allows them to pray

(HT: Answering Muslims ) Imagine the outrage if it had been a Christian church service.

We've Been Expecting You, Part 1:12

For your Sunday reflection: The Noahic Covenant - Part 1 Bible: Genesis 6-9 God keeps His sovereign word both to judge and to protect. While the earth is destroyed, He makes promises in the Noahic Covenant that are still in effect today. Yet as we will see in the upcoming weeks, how one interprets this first covenant of God will affect how one studies rest of the Bible .

FF: Midichlorians bringing out the dark side in you?

We've Been Expecting You, Part 1:11

For your Sunday reflection: The Covenants of God - Part 2 Bible: Genesis 1-11; Luke 17:22-30 We examine what is held by many, that is that Genesis 1-11 is only a myth and that the flood never occurred. We look at the dire theological effects if someone takes that route and how it would ruin understanding the Bible.. Basically, no flood means no Creator, no accountability for sin, and no Second Coming of Jesus because Luke 17:22-30 associates the two together. It is an either-or proposition, You cannot have one without the other.

FF: Because you're not getting to Heaven fast enough

Deep.  Fried.  Cheesecake. Just so you know, the Bible says that those with enough faith can eat this and experience no ill effects.  Really.

The Original Burn a Quran Day

Tomorrow people will observe "Burn a Koran / Qur'an Day" in protest to the despicable acts of Muslims around the world (and, of course, on 9/11/01). The kind of hatred toward other people (people also made in God's image, James 3:9-10) in book-burnings is unbiblical, as is the act of setting disagreeable materials on fire.  It accomplishes nothing for God's glory and serves only to provoke. A far better use of that Qur'an would be to open it and teach your church how to evangelize those bound by that false religion.  Oh, and instead of spending tomorrow angry, praying for those families who lost love ones and those who you may know who are blinded by Islam.  Just a couple of suggestions. Consider this video which describes the very first Qur'an-burning.  (As an aside, I must warn you that this video contains acting that will... um, leave you breathless.) (HT: James White )

We've Been Expecting You, Part 1:10

For your Sunday reflection: The Covenants of God - Part 1 Bible: Malachi 2:14; Genesis 6 We continue our series that the Old Testament is--not was--the story of Jesus. Nowhere will you see this more clearly develop as we go through the Old Testament on our way to Christmas than in the Covenants that God Himself enters into with others. This cannot be over emphasized enough and is part of the predetermined plan and foreknowledges of God (Acts 2:23-23). The word "covenant" first appears in the Bible in Genesis 6:18 but it will be far from the last time. These promises of God are certain and sure and are to be understood and believed on in a literal fashion. He is the covenant-keeping God who must keep His Word.

FF: Old Rock Star Songs

(HT: Dan Phillips )

MacArthur: How to Prepare for an Enduring Ministry

John MacArthur gave an excellent message yesterday at chapel on starting and finishing well.  ( MP3 )

Paul Washer - Evangelism of The Jehovah's Witness

I'm not sure what this is from, but I haven't heard a Paul Washer clip yet I haven't enjoyed to some degree.  He starts a little here, but stick with it.  It is gold, and I hope any JW readers of this blog would consider it. (HT: DefCon )