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REVIEW: Holy Land Devotional Booklet: A Spiritual Journey

Holy Land Devotional Booklet: A Spiritual Journey by United Methodist Church (U.S.) My rating: 3 of 5 stars Walking the reader through individual aspects of the Holy Land, the authors try to draw out spiritual principles and appropriate reflections. Focusing on a few areas of Palestine rather than many, it represents a great idea for walking the uninitiated through the path of the children of Israel into the Promised Land and their settled locales as a nation. The book goes far in achieving this purpose, but not quite far enough. First, there is surprisingly little data as to the locations highlighted in the book. For example, while there is a map on page ii, Mt. Nebo and Petra, the focus of the first five devotionals, are not marked on it or anywhere else. Jerusalem appears on that early map, but no map or diagram directs readers to the locations of the nine devotionals dedicated to the city. Illustrations accompany each devotional but vary in ability to help readers visual