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Is there a gap in Genesis 1:2?

Dr. Bill Barrick answers this question on his blog : [1] In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. [2] (The earth was formless and empty, and darkness was upon the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the water.) Some expositors propose that verse 2 represents a gap in the record of creation events. Normally, those who hold to the so-called “Gap Theory” interpret “formless and empty” as some form of chaotic result coming on the heels of God’s judgment of Satan. They suggest that the original creation was destroyed or terribly marred by God’s casting Satan out of Heaven and down to Earth. Many theologians use this “gap” to account for a very old earth, allowing millions, if not billions, of years to pass with Earth in this condition. Some even attempt to place all fossilization (of animals and man) within this gap—which creates a greater theological problem with having death (even of man) existing prior to the fall. A number of

D. A. Carson on 5 Ways to Prepare Kids for Attacks on Their Faith

HT: Justin Taylor , from Ligonier's Tabletalk  interview with Carson. TT : What is the best way for parents to prepare their children for the attacks on their faith they may face in college? DC :  There is no formulaic answer and no guarantee. For a start, our children themselves are extraordinarily diverse. Many will be tempted by postmodern assumptions. Others will feel far greater threats from biologists, cosmologists, or psychologists who operate under the assumptions of raw atheism or, worse, functional atheism. All I can do is enumerate some values and practices in the home that seem to me to be wise, biblically faithful, and useful in mitigating the dangers. These are exemplary, not exhaustive. First, the home should encourage vigorous Christian understanding. The most dangerous seedbed for intellectual rebellion is a home where faith is sentimental and even anti-intellectual, and where opponents are painted as ignorant knaves, because eventually our children discove

FF: That Time The Dwarves From 'The Hobbit' Sang A Michael Jackson Song

HT: MoviePilot for what may become my next ringtone: (If the video does not appear on your page, you can watch the video here .)

The Ergun Caner debacle continues

Thankfully, TurretinFan collected the evidence against him in one massive post .  Because the post is so massive, below is an overview: Autobiographical Statements: Caner incorrectly states his full name on a number of occasions. Caner incorrectly states his biological and religious ancestry on a number of occasions. Caner incorrectly states his country of origin and time of arriving in the USA on a number of occasions. Caner inconsistently states his age of conversion and exposure to Christianity on a number of occasions. Caner incorrectly (?) states that he studied jihad in whatever was his home country on a number of occasions; the evidence is that he grew up in Ohio. Caner inconsistently states his language abilities on a number of occasions, and the evidence is lacking. Caner incorrectly states his attire of choice in high school, claiming the a-typical Western wear such as the keffiyeh, etc. while pictured wearing typical American attire. Caner inconsistently states th

Looking for good commentaries for your sermons?

It's true: books from trusted sources weed through the commentaries for the very best, such as Commentaries For Biblical Expositors by Dr. Jim Rosscup . Even so, when we happen upon potential gold at the thrift store, is there an online resource we can check via smartphone? DTS grad John Dyer brings Dr. Rosscup, D. A. Carson, and many others together at www. BestCommentaries .com/ .  Navigation is easy, searchable by Bible books, commentary title, and author name.  Each commentary receives a score based on an algorithm that " serves as a guide to help students of the Scriptures know where to start ."  There are even books on theology and Christian living that will help any teacher of God's Word.  Give Best Commentaries a try. This, as well as other free Bible resources, may be found on the Bible Study Links page.

One Nation Under God?

One the one side, progressives claim the founders of the United States as heroes of secular thought.  On the other side, Christian reconstruct these same founders as champions of the faith.  What is the truth about the framers of the American Constitution? Dr. Gregg Frazer, professor of history and political studies at The Master's College, approaches this issue as a conservative Evangelical but with the precision required of a historian.  He wrote The Religious Beliefs of America's Founders: Reason, Revelation, and Revolution and spoke at the 2014 Shepherd's Conference on this topic: ONE NATION UNDER GOD   Today's Church and the Shocking Truth About the Founding of America  Mar 6, 2014 | Download as mp3 .