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Book Review: The Key To Your Expected End

The Captivity Series: The Key To Your Expected End by Katie Souza My rating: 2 of 5 stars Souza—not music to the ears. Chaplains search for works that bring the light of the Lord to dark places, and Katie Souza’s The Key to Your Expected End (hereafter “ The Key ”) seems to be just that in many places. Unfortunately, it provides only flickers from God’s Word that fade at the worst moments. Giving an inmate The Key to learn about God and His world would be akin to giving an emergency worker a toy flashlight, and we are already paying the price at our facility. First is praise where it is due. Souza calls readers to repent and submit to authority—even those who seem unjust—declaring the justice system to be appointed by God for good, the inmate’s time behind bars as chastisement, and the prisoner’s need to plan and prepare spiritually and practically for release. She provides a simple history of the Israelites’ captivity in Babylon throughout the book that the reader will fi