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Merry Perry Noble Christmas

We ventured into a Family Bookstore a couple of days ago to pick up an extra Bible and some books for a small group study.  While the kind clerk rang us up, she described a program for troops to receive teaching from top Bible teachers.  So, there's that awkward moment: I told her that I couldn't recommend anyone to listen to half the teachers on the advertised list. "Uh-oh" and a moment of silence followed. Perry Noble, pastor of the multi-site NewSpring Church in South Carolina, prominently featured with the other teachers. Fumbling the ball on what Noble and other like-minded pastors call "Superbowl Sunday," a.k.a. Christmas, Noble taught a mix of semi-Pelagian theology and legalism in calling people to embrace the "promises" known as the Ten Commandments.  How?  Noble is under the false impression that the word "command" doesn't exist in Hebrew, and that we could understand the Decalogue to be "the Ten Promises" to ev

A Couple of Christmas Thoughts

Two great posts on Christmas exist on the Glory Books blog  Check them out: Investigating the Necessity of Christmas by Eric Weathers  White as Snow Christmas: Is Forgiveness Easy? by Issa Haddad

Mother Teresa Was No Saint, Says Study

When you don't trust  completely  on the life and death of Christ for salvation, you'll have to add something to pay your way.  What's more, you'll leave heavy burdens on others, not lifting a finger to help.  Consider:  Mother Teresa Was No Saint Says Study .  (HT:  Worldview Weekend ) Theology matters.  Find a church that teaches the Bible this weekend.

There might be a "war" on Christmas, but how do Christians fight?

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