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FF: I Don't Like Sports

It's a hard sell: (HT: Pleated-Jeans ) I've tried using Star Trek illustrations in my sermons, and I recognize the looks I receive: they're the same looks I give when the preacher compares a biblical truth to some dude's hitting stats.  I mean, come on - you have to look down  from the stands to watch sports... Star Trek draws our eyes up.  

Bill Nye, Creationism is Highly Appropriate for our Children

If you are teaching kids that God created the world, you're destroying our future, according to popular children's personality Bill Nye. Nye's entertaining persona as "The Science Guy" captivated a generation of young people, and continues to generate a love of science through tapes and syndication.  I use him, as do many other educators, and thank God for such persons who can teach complex ideas in engaging ways. Perhaps, though, I should thank blind chance instead. After all, a worldview that posits God as the universe's cause " is completely inconsistent with everything we have seen in the universe " and " there's no evidence for it, "  as Nye explained in the above YouTube rant.  Apparently, belief in science precludes belief in a Creator God. Please keep in mind that situations like this do not come down to the ignorance of Bill Nye to the indisputable evidences for design in creation.  It is not a matter of presenting N

Imagine less charity, if you can

Wanting to find justification for their lifestyles, this discontent generation ponders John Lennon's "Imagine" scenario more and more... specifically the "no religions" part. Al Mohler's "Briefing" recently included a report from a few days ago: " States where people are less religious are more stingy with charitable giving, study says ".  Regions with the highest giving boasted the most religion -- the south in particular, with Utah topping the lot.  The Northeast, including DC, came in last. Considering the extraordinary services countless churches provide that escape our national attention, we shouldn't be so quick to toss religion under the bus. Yes, even Mormonism in Utah serves a purpose in God's plan to care for the believer and unbeliever alike; it is part of His common grace  to mankind.  While it would not be wise to partner with other faiths because it sends a confusing message to an unbelieving world (and we a

Story: Aborting a "severely deformed" baby

A reminder of the deadly choice of abortion.  From 180 Movie on Facebook: 180 Movie Terry (name changed) was thrilled to discover that she and her husband were soon to become parents—until she received the dreadful news that, according to medical tests, the baby would be severely deformed. On the advice of her doctor, she regretfully decided to have the baby aborted, only to discover after the abortion that the baby was not deformed at all. Terry was outraged that a faulty medical test led her to be deprived of the privilege of motherhood, and her story was broadcast on national media.   But where was the voice for the unborn baby?

No Compromise Radio - Elephant Room 2

If you missed this discussion (like I did), check out James White, Phil Johnson, and the rest discuss the problem with TD Jake's being accepted into the fold, as it were - No Compromise, Ever: Episode 1

Sermon: "God's Grace in Times of Trouble," Psalm 86

My message at Lake Hills Community Church, Sunday Service, on August 18, 2012: God has a sovereign plan that is both good and just for allowing the evil that occurs in the world.  He is neither surprised by evil nor threatened by it.  The next question for us, then, is how we should respond to Him in prayer during those times. As we approach our text this morning, we are going to read David praying through a time of hardship.  We are not going to read of his asking for mercy per se, but we will read of his seeking God’s grace.  Four times in this psalm we will read of David’s seeking undeserved favor, so seeking God’s grace will be our theme for today. Trials enter our lives for various reasons.   However, because our God is a gracious God, we can trust in His ability both to strengthen us and to overcome the situation.  We need only to seek Him in prayer.  Therefore, in times of trouble, we should seek God’s attentive grace , seek God’s unique grace , and finally, seek God’s de

FF: If "Jaws" was a Disney Movie

FF: How youth pastors can stay hip


FF: Tim Hawkins loves him some Chick-fil-A

A Funny Friday bonus, in hopes that you don't see any funny kisses today.  (No, dad, don't ask the "funny ha-ha or funny queer" question.   It's not appropriate today.)

Wretched: Aurora, Drought, and God

This could also be an update to the 2-2-2 post .

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