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Should Christians become Libertarians?

At last year's Shepherd's Conference, Todd Friel asked this question of Al Mohler.  As we begin to feel the heat of the 2016 Presidential Election, we should consider his response:

Building Confidence in the Word of God

If Newsweek's yuletide drive-by on the Bible (a sloppy bit of journalism dismantled by James White ) is any reminder, it is that the world will continue its attacks of the trustworthiness of God's Word. Yet, fewer Christian institutions defend Scripture against such fallacious attacks.  It seems that every year, Evangelical scholarship becomes more willing to allow such questions to go unanswered, even promoting them in classrooms as valid inquiries. Can a believer have confidence that what God spoke is inerrant?  If you're a pastor or Christian leader who needs to build his confidence in the Bible or disciple others in the same, this conference is for you. Unfortunately, registration is already closed.  However, you can follow the conference online live and for free at  Be sure to follow the conference on Twitter for updates and possible openings at  As always, after the conference is complete,

Was Rebekah a child when she married Isaac?

Did Isaac marry a three-year-old?  If you've never pondered this question, it's because nothing in the straightforward reading of the text would suggest that Rebekah was a toddler or that their marriage was arranged. Even so, a couple of verses out of context could be used by skeptics to prove anything.  While perusing the web for a related topic, however, I found a thread stating that the Bible isn't against the raping of children .  The cited evidence was this issue, the claim being that Isaac engaged in pedophilia. The question comes from the fact that Genesis 22:23 announces the birth of Rebekah after the binding of Isaac.  Tradition states that Isaac was then thirty-seven, and Scripture says that the two wed when Isaac was forty (Gn 25:20).  Hence, Isaac robbed the cradle. The whole theory is fraught with assumptions, the primary being that Scripture never records a age marker for Rebekah.  Further complicating the matter, however, is Jewish tradition, which spe

Someone's proof-texts for tongues

Working at the jail, I find myself cleaning and recycling used Bibles.  We check for the usual: contraband or information written in the Bibles that would cause issues if recirculated. One Bible has a reference to "The Blessing Explosion," something that appears Word-of-Faith in origin (names like Creflo Dollar and Jerry Savelle top the Google results). Next to that is the list of verses in support for tongues-speaking: Mt 3:16 Mt 28:19 Jn 20:22 Acts 1:8 Acts 2:4 Acts 19:6 Luke 11:13 Mk 16:16-18 That seems like an impressive list, but a quick glance at each of the verses reveals that most do not refer to tongues.  Whittling away the excess, we are left with these verses: Acts 2:4 Acts 19:6 Acts 2:4 occurs on Pentecost, when the Apostles began proclaiming the works of God in the various or languages represented in the crowd (vv. 6-11).  The peoples, in amazement, hear the Word of God in their own διάλεκτος , their own " way of speaking ," fr