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Ten (ish) Books Every Christian Should Own and Read

Someone asked me a few weeks ago for a recommended reading list for the new year.  So, here is a top ten (ish) as of now.  There are readers out there who put me to shame, so feel free to let me know what you might add! The first item on the list shouldn’t be on the list, because it should go without saying— a Bible .  Not just any Bible, though, but a good, text-only translation of the Bible.  Every Christian should become conversant in the book God gave us, and a faithful translation is essential.  Moreover, Christians need a Bible that won’t distract them with commentary and notes from others, which is where the text-only version comes into play (getting an MSB below is great, but you need to read a Bible in which you are free to observe on your own first).  Good translations include the English Standard Version (what I preach from) or the New American Standard Version.  The King James Version would also fall into this category, though its language proves difficult for modern audi