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Sermon: The Gospel Brings True Unity

While some churches do not, many seek to honor God by making accurate Bible teaching a priority.  However, it is possible even for sound, expositional churches to falter in fellowship; those who begin well sometimes finish poorly.  How can a church family to grow in its love for one another?  How can they experience more unity in Christ?  The Apostle Paul calls us back to basic gospel principles.  He reminds us that we must first have a proper understanding of where we stand in relation to Christ, in our shared past, present, and future.  In this way alone, we can avoid the prejudice and presumption that may otherwise poison true agape within the fellowship. This message was preached at Cornerstone Community Church on December 15, 2013, based on Ephesians 2:1–10. Listen to the MP3 download here .

What happened since the Strange Fire Conference?

John MacArthur addresses the chapel at The Master's Seminary: