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War Room Review

Seth Dunn has written a solid critique of War Room and the movie industry that surrounds it .  Overall, it sounds like a positive movie to go see, but be aware of the concerning elements. If you're interested in more reading, he followed it up with  Banking on War Room: LifeWay, the Kendricks, and Priscilla Shirer Set the Trend in Evangelical Bible Study .  Keep in mind that the Christian movie industry, like the secular movie industry, wants profit; our merchandise consists of kitschy kits and studies.

Women: Don't Listen to The Voice (Equipping Eve)

Read  John 1:1-5 . Now read those same verses from The Voice "Bible translation." Can you hear the hiss of the serpent? This episode of Equipping Eve takes The Voice to task and examines what this passage actually says. Plus, happiness according to Pope Francis. Click here to listen to this latest episode of Equipping Eve. Click here for a list of resources for this episode of Equipping Eve. (HT: Don't Be Surprised ) Erin Benziger Erin Benziger is the host of Equipping Eve (A  No Compromise Radio Production ).  Equipping Eve episodes are posted every other Saturday.