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Listen to Gandalf

More for me, I suppose. ;)

Christless Christianity - live stream

Sorry, I've been a bit busy, so I forgot to mention this.  I know some of my readers don't keep up with these happenings, so I recommend the live stream of the Ligonier Conference which is already in session.  I'm sure the messages will be available for download later.  Here is the schedule: Everything will be streamed, times are PST Friday, March 26th, 2010 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. The Church Cries "Uncle" ("Sam" That Is),  Michael Horton 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Becoming a Better You, John MacArthur 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Break 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Questions and Answers 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Dinner Break 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Good Advice or Good News?  R.C. Sproul Saturday, March 27th, 2010 7:30 a.m. Registration and Bookstore Open 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. A Gnostic Gospel,  Peter Jones 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. Break 10:45 - 11:45 a.m. Questions and Answers 11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Lunch Break 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Break-Out Session, Danny Hyde 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. M

The Obama Calculator: for your lolz

A calculator with enough digits so you can finally keep up with the spending.  Click the image to enlarge.   You can get yours here .

Christian School Was a Mistake: a case study

Here's a gem for biblical counseling. Many parents send their kids to private schools assuming that 1) the education is top-notch, and 2) the Christian teachings will be what the kids need.  Often times, neither is true.  Years later, pastors and counselors must address the product of poor school choices.  So, for your personal preparation for such a counselee, consider this case-study ( comment there, please ).

AW Pink on Contentment

From  Grace Gems . Discontent! ( Arthur Pink , "Comfort for Christians") "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11 Contentment is the being satisfied with the sovereign dispensations of God's providence. It is the opposite of murmuring, which is the spirit of rebellion--the clay saying to the Potter, "Why have You made me thus?" Instead of complaining at his lot--a contented man is thankful that his condition and circumstances are no worse than they are. Discontent! Was there ever a time when there was so much discontent and restlessness in the world, as there is today? We very much doubt it. Despite our boasted progress, the vast increase of wealth, the time and money expended daily in pleasure--discontent is everywhere! No class is exempt. Everything is in a state of flux, and almost everybody is dissatisfied. Many even among God's own people are affected with the evil spirit of this age. Content

Jesus hates Klingons

Um, no intro is fitting to this... video. Just watch it: I have no idea what the source of this video was. It looks like a parody at first glance, but hey, I know firsthand the kind of cheese Christians produce in the name of Christ. "Star Tracts" could well be something from the depths of the Charismatic wing of evangelicalism. Why the Charismatic, you ask? I have many videos that are of the same vein, my friends. (*shudder*) Also, as a nerd, I find this offensive on many levels. So, here are some thoughts: I know a lot of this was tongue-in-cheek, but... Inexplicably, the Enterprise has been turned into a flying shark. (Insert jumping shark joke here.) There has been an apparent tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum, which the only explanation of the multiple-generation mixture of uniforms. (And they did that after spending some time making the Klingons' makeup very good for a fanfic. So, why?) The man in the commander's chair at 0:20 is spor

For your next few movie nights

The American Family Association is offering three DVD's for the flat rate of $54.95 (no tax, no shipping) .  This offer includes a six-month subscription to the AFA journal. The River Within -  View the Trailer. Sarah's Choice -   View the Trailer.   No Greater Love -  View the Trailer.

Socializing our kids

Russ White offers this heretical thought: can socialization actually be harmful to our kids?   I recommend you read his excellent answer .

Short Review: "Wise Words for Moms"

I'm still cataloging the books we got from the Shepherd's Conference, and I think this was a giveaway at one of the tables. While obviously written for mothers, this great tool is helpful for both parents. Addressing simple discipline issues in a calendar layout, this booklet will guide parents in probing their child's heart. Each issue is addressed in a "put on/ put off" fashion in line with Ephesians 4:22-23. It also provides supplemental verses for continual admonition. This is a good starter tool for parents who want to address their children's behavior in a way that turns their eyes upon Christ and the Scripture. Consider this quote from the first page: "It is not a parent's right to judge the thoughts and motives of their children. Wise parents will teach their children how to search and evaluate their own hearts for sinful motives." 5/5 stars; highly recommended for all parents.

The best scams are grammatical delights

Like this one that came in my junk mail folder today: Attn Beneficiary This is to inform You that we approve payment sun of $10.5Million United States Dollars has being Approve for Cash Payment via Diplomatic Cash Delivery You are hereby advice to contact the officer in charge of payment Mr James Walker Director Cash paymnt Board, Central Bank Of Nigeria Tel. +234 805606 7422 Email: Congratulation Regards Mr Lamido Sunusi CBN Governor Approved Feel free to count the errors.

Sunday Notes: I meant to say...

First, to answer the questions concerning the graphic.  The picture is a closeup of the sun.  I felt it was fitting given the topic matter of the first chapter (which is really the second chapter).  I was asked where I get images for the presentations.  Whenever you find neat pictures online, save them to your computer.  That's all I can really say - you never know when you'll use them.  Make sure that you note any copyright restrictions, though. The fonts are not an exact match, but it is obviously an homage to the book design.  As is the translucent red rectangle. Now, on to the substantive .  I was not clear as to why I brought up the temple and God's glory.  The point was that in Ezekiel's day, it appeared that Satan once again gained the victory.  Idolatrous worship was at its peak and had completely and literally adorned the temple walls.  God's glory departs the temple.  Jerusalem is invaded six years later and the temple destroyed.  Just like with the de

MacArthur ESV Study Bible

I finally found the video that played at Wednesday's SC. Macarthur explains about his notes being transformed, in the blink of an eye, into ESV form: MacArthur ESV Study Bible Promo from Crossway on Vimeo .

Holy Spirit Hokey Pokey

Here is the video Phil Johnson referenced in the Shepherds' Conference as one of the most extreme examples of how far our churches are falling:

SC: You don't have to miss it

I am really impressed with how much the Shepherd's Conference is providing online for free. I didn't even realize what was available yesterday, and have spent the day updating some posts to reflect the changes. First, in case you hadn't noticed, conference video is available for free viewing . This is in addition to the decision last year to make all audio free. If you don't have time for the full video or you just want to whet your appetite, go over to Grace Church's YouTube channel to catch little highlight videos from each of the general sessions. If you Facebook, you can become a fan of the SC page . You can also follow the SC Twitter feed . Or, if you like good photography, check out the SC Flickr feed . Is that all? Nope, we're just getting started. ... Oh, wait, that is all... for now . And maybe you want to consider coming next year. Perhaps you'll take your pastor, which will be a blessing to him and your church. You and he can hav

SC: General Session 4 - Rick Holland

Highlight Video: MP3 will be posted when available. Fear of persecution. Most persecution comes from those closest to us, those who stand with us in the church. Will you alter how you preach because of fear? Rick Holland shared four contrasts for maintaining ministerial conduct from Luke 12. 1. Don’t fear hypocrites, fear hypocrisy (vv. 1–3) Jesus spoke to His disiciples first about the hypocricy of the Pharisees. Though originally godly, these Pharisees of Jesus’ day had become the white-washed hypocrites we know, those who needed the inside of the cup washed. Hypocrisy: Hiding your sins from the faithful OR hiding your faith from sinners. We need to be the example to those around us. Fear hypocrisy 2. Don’t fear the threat of men, fear the threat of God (vv. 4–9) Jesus would not have said “do not be afraid of those who kill the body” unless they were afraid. If Christ and his disciples were persecuted and killed for the faith, what do we expect? Man of the year awards?

SC: More Views from Day One

I just finished an ice-cream cone - and it's 60 degrees, and I'm a Floridian - so I'm warming up by the little fan on the side of my computer.  I can't feel my fingers. The conference is great as always.  The hospitality is staggering (yes, I lost my balance when someone offered to pour my coffee), and the reason is clear.  The men who come here are pastors from around the world who, in many cases, starve for Christian fellowship.  They are faithfully serving but struggle.  Please be in prayer for them this week. Lunch today was catered by Stonefire Grill , and consisted of some kind of tasty coleslaw with nuts, chicken, steak, and breadsticks.  Nice. For those wondering about Dr. Greg Harris - he was not only here, but here with style.  Almost as cool as House with his cane and sunglasses, here is a picture of Harris scholar-ing a couple of folks at once. If you missed any of the Shepherd's Conference today, you will be able to download both audio and vi

SC: Session Two - Tom Pennington

Highlight Video: Listen to MP3 The sophists were popular in ancient Greek culture. Those who were able to speak well, the most eloquent, were considered the most intelligent. In fact, our phrase "sophisticated" comes from the sophists. Yet, Paul's philosophy was not to be the most eloquent or sophisticated in his preaching. I won't provide many notes for this one. Our preaching must be centered on Christ and the Gospel, not ourselves and certainly not what is trendy. We must make the same commitments Paul made. Self-confidence is deadly to a preacher, and we rely on the Holy Spirit. If this is a troubling or an unexplored subject for you, head over to the media vault and download it. It is worth your while.

SC: Seminar - "You Might be a Dispensationalist if..."

Listen to Mp3 Michael Vlach opens with good humor, laughing at ourselves as dispensationalists. He cites Kenneth Gentry's play on Jeff Foxworthy's comedic bit, which is not listed in the notes. Here is a link to Gentry's post . Some of the better ones: If you always leave the top down on your convertible — just in case. If bar code scanners make you nervous. If you are a book collector and you long to locate a copy of The Late Great Planet Earth in the original Greek. If you believe that the term "Early Church Fathers" refers to J. N. Darby, C. I. Scofield and Lewis Sperry Chafer. If you get excited when you see a sentence with a parenthesis. If you count trampoline aerobics as "Rapture Practice" in your 4:00 am devotions each morning. (You get extra credit if you believe the neighbors who live in the apartment below you are non-Christians and are persecuting you because they complain.) If your personal hymn favorite is: "My hope is built on

SC: Session One, John MacArthur

Highlight Video: Listen to MP3 Macarthur began with his pastoral concerns, first of which was the question of separation. He begins by contrasting biblical separation from that of mean-spirited fundamentalism. His emphasis is that we should practice separation, but in the most biblical manner. 2 Cor 6:14ff - we cannot have genuine fellowship with unbelievers. 7:1 - "Therefore," biblical separation has a sanctifying work upon us. Two opposing realms - light and darkness, believers and unbelievers - and these are mutually exclusive. One is wicked, the other is holy. Believers cannot live in both of those worlds. America is the first culture that had a separation between church and state. In the Roman world, becoming a Christian had huge social implications: a total break. This could be a lesson to us who are a part of the generation that seeks to mingle culture and faith. Paul is making a clear call of separation. He is not calling for isolation, where we would

Opening singing

I squeezed off a couple of shots from my daughter's ultra-thin camera before we sang. This is the best shot: I'm told the singing is available for free at the media vault. Maybe someone will also post a video. If I come across that, I'll post it here.

What is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism?

HT to The Resurgence . That's riiiiiight , get over it.

That argument is full of *something*

Ugh, you're dense. That you could be hoodwinked into an tribal war-god religion from the Bronze Age proves that you are among those who lower America's collective intelligence quotient. For atheists who troll the internet in their crusade to get converts or, at least, a rise out of Christians, this sums up their feelings for us. That's okay, we can still love them. While marching to all corners of the internet, though, many of these crusaders have gathered their forces to mount a major ten-point offensive. Maybe you've seen part, if not all, of their iron-clad war machine that has become a popular internet meme . It is the evidence that you hung your brain on the hanger when entering the church building. And I will now open the front door and invite in that brutal machine. Ready to be massacred? Here are the ten signs that you are an unthinking, knuckle-dragging Christian holding the world back from entering a new age of enlightenment. You vigorously deny t