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Spiritual Heroin and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: A Personal Testimony

Tony Miano shares his powerful story of his journey in and out of a Charismatic church - Cross Encounters: Spiritual Heroin and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: A Personal Testimony

Every biblical church in America needs this in its bylaws

As Baptist Press reported earlier this year, "[C] hurches that host wedding ceremonies or other events for traditional couples should examine their bylaws and shield themselves from the impact of possible litigation, says an attorney who specializes in religious liberty issues ." This is on my mind as our church plant begins the process of drafting our constitution and bylaws, but it should also be on yours. BP continues: A number of situations could place churches in legal trouble, such as congregations who would:  -- allow a traditional couple but not a same-sex couple to use their facility for a wedding ceremony.  -- allow a traditional couple but not a same-sex couple to take part in a marriage class or retreat.  -- terminate an employee involved in a same-sex wedding.  Bylaw language defining marriage in the biblical sense doesn't mean a church won't face a suit or a complaint, but it does mean the church would be in a much better situation legally, s

Another reason not to get your news from the Daily Show

Matt Slick discusses his misrepresentation in a recent Comedy Central chop-job -

FF: Fake TV Show Trailers from PBS

PBS steps up its game with these satirical ads.  Admit it, you'd watch these shows: (HT: Pleated-Jeans )

Sermon: The Bible and the Glory

Have you ever seen something so stunning that it stays with you, something so life-changing that it would occupy your thoughts while you lie on your deathbed?  For the Apostle Peter, this sight was the dazzle of the transfigured Lord on the glorious mount. And yet, in spite of all of the terrifying beauty of that moment, Peter still calls our attention to something else. I tried to capture that crescendo in his thought in this sermon based on Mark 9:1-8 and 2 Peter 1:16-21, preached at Cornerstone Church in Savannah, GA .  I hope you are blessed by considering God's glory in the text of Scripture, a book that is worthy of our trust and obedience. The Bible and the Glory: MP3 Download

Powerful Preaching or Contentious Commentary? A Lesson in Confronting Sin and Obeying God

In the clip below, Pastor Jim Standridge temper grows as he begins calling out the sins and issues he sees around him.  According to the DailyMail report , Dr Standridge claimed God had told him to rebuke Mr Underwood for missing several weeks of church, and added his words were 'tough love'. 'The Lord had showed me that [Mr Underwood's fiancĂ©e] was really getting in a bad thing with him,' he said. 'God charged me to go after those things. And I did.' He added that he called Mr Underwood a few days later, and left a message explaining that it was God's work. However, Mr Underwood said: 'The Bible says if you have a problem with your brother, go to him in private first. You just don't talk to people that way, especially in public.' Although members of the congregation were embarrassed by the video, Dr Standridge stands by his comments. 'I'm a man of order, and we owe no one an answer for that. What concern is it of m

Was the American Revolution Sinful?

Was it a sin for the colonies to declare their Independence from the king?   Last year's post from Pastor Jesse Johnson may help those who might have struggles of conscience during the upcoming holiday.