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A bit of a hiatus

Our family is in the midst of moving, so I haven't had the chance to update this blog much.  Lord willing, there will be new content coming next month.  Until then, I'll let the pre-scheduled posts continue to roll as we also roll out.  God bless, and see you again soon!

For those homeschool mom's out there

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Want a Free Seminary Education?

One of the worst blights besmirching American pulpits is the online degree.  With that in mind, biblically sound institutions indeed post free resources featuring theological heavy-weights who love the Lord.  Thus, many Christian leaders lacking the ability to attend a quality seminary scour the web for the good, hoping to gain the knowledge they need for daily ministry. Maybe that describes you, and perhaps you missed something really good.  No, it's not an e-ordination, but it will build your ability in and love for the Bible.  Seminary professor Nathan Busenitz announced the launch of this goldmine of online training that is indeed free: Earlier this month, The Master’s Seminary launched its Theological Resource Center (TRC) — an online hub for ministry-training resources. Because many pastors around the world will never be able to attend seminary in the United States, the TRC extends the resources of TMS and its partner ministries to those who cannot come to us. The

25 Free Debates Featuring James White

TurretinFan posted the following to the glory of God .  I second his call for support to Alpha and Omega Ministries if you find these helpful and can do so. I was reluctant to post this list, because I'm concerned that people who might otherwise support Dr. White's ministry by buying copies of the debates will just watch them for free.  However, I trust that people who would support Dr. White's ministry by buying his debates will consider doing so in some other way, since his ministry is reliant on support of Christians who support what he's doing. Moreover, keep in mind that the debates below represent less than a quarter of the debates Dr. White has done.  ( see here for a list of debates you can get at - that list may need to be updated at some point ) David Bernard vs. James White, "Are Tongues Necessary?" (informal radio debate on WMCA radio in New York , circa August 18, 2003) ( mp3 ) (Audio-only on Youtube part 1/5 )( part

May the Fourth be with You

Star Wars according to a 3-year-old: Improv Everywhere lightens the deary subway dwellers:

Infanticide: Undercover Video Reveals Inhumanity in Abortion Industry

In light of the current Gosnell trial , the question again arises as to the rights of a baby who survives an abortion.  Should the baby receive intensive care, should it be set aside so it can expire, or should it's life be terminated by the abortionist? Gosnell faces charges for allegedly choosing the latter action.  However, the law currently demands protection of all children born in the United States, including those slipping through the abortionist's hands.  Can we abortion clinics, often guilty of gendercide , to do better than Gosnell in upholding the law? According to one investigative reporter, no.  On her site (caution: graphic content), Live Action founder Lila Rose explains that " Gosnell is not alone. [These videos] document the blatantly inhuman and barbaric acts of abortionists leaving crying babies to die, or even killing the newborns themselves ." Indeed, which makes sense.  Regardless of the law, those seeking an abortion are seeking to erase