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Salvation in the Old Testament

Dr. Bill Barrick answered two questions we've all had concerning salvation: Where does the OT talk about giving the nations an opportunity to repent?  Is faith in the OT based upon what a person understands about God? Pre-Mosaic or Mosaic, could they truly understand the Jesus of the NT or have enough knowledge of the Messiah? How were people saved from pre-Flood to prophetic times? Want to know the answers?  Find them out on his blog post .

Do Roman Catholics believe only grace gets us into heaven?

Baptism introduces us into the life of the triune God, and incorporates us into Christ’s body, the Church, which gives us a share in his dying and rising. Justified and sanctified by baptism , we are able to give praise and worship to God. Through the Holy Spirit received in baptism , the Christian is able to recognize and receive the teaching of the apostles and, through the means of grace (the sacraments), strive to obey all Jesus commanded, especially to serve him in the poor. Emphasis added.  The Very Rev. Thomas A. Baima, S.T.D., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dean of the Graduate School of Theology, University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary.  "From the Horse's Mouth: What is the Meaning and Purpose of Baptism?" Creedo Magazine . Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2014, 8.  Available online at . By way of the best contrast presented in the article, consider the Anglican position: For Anglicans, b