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Has God the Father ever sinned?

Taped outside the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City:

New mile marker for this blog

This is a small blog, but I am thankful for the readers of this blog as I work through some theology (and some humor) online.  Hey, thanks!  While it has been a slow road, Pisteuo has finally passed a significant milestone, and critics are responding:

FF: "< something something > Dark Side"

(HT: Dan Phillips )

FF: I like pretending mine is a light saber

Been There, Preached That: Today's conservatives sound like yesterday's liberals.

Preacher-man, read this article (PDF).  Repent in sackcloth and ashes; it took a liberal to point it out.

Refutation of "Zeitgeist"

Its bizarre claims about Christianity, anyway. From Apologetics 315 : If you have heard of or watched the online conspiracy-theory movie Zeitgeist , then this audio file may be helpful in dissecting just how deceptive and incorrect it is. In this audio file, Glenn Peoples unpacks and refutes many of the movie's false claims and errors. A good audio file to point people to who may have questions. This audio is from Glenn's "Say Hello to My Little Friend" podcast, found here . Blog here . Full MP3 Audio here (55 min)

For your MLKJr Day reflection

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is still racism-free, 32 years and running!  Kudos. Just be careful, though: any new revelation might change everything.

FF: Finally, a Manslater!

(EDIT: This is an updated version of the video) (HT: BibChr )

PSA: Don't Text and Drive

AT&T (for all its flaws) has developed an excellent documentary you need to share with the younger people in your life: (HT: Counseling Solutions )

GraceLife London

For those readers in, near, or having contacts in the London area, please check out this wonderful new church plant. Here are two families with hearts beating for God and their fellow countrymen. Visit their website , blog , or Facebook for more info.

Abortion Stats Infograph

Dan Philips discovered a helpful graphic that is rather graphic in the picture it paints.  Well, I mean in its telling statistics... it is safe for public viewing (as safe as the topic may be where you are).

This year... look up!

From today's Grace Gem : ( James Smith , "A New Year's Motto" 1865) " Look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near!" Luke 21:28 We are entering upon a new year, we shall have new toils, new trials, new temptations, and new troubles. In whatever state, in whatever place, into whatever condition we may be brought this year--let us seek grace to follow our Lord's loving advice, and " look up! " Do not look back --as Lot's wife did. Do not look within --as too many do. Do not look around --as David did. But "look up!" Look up to God--He is your Father, your Friend, your Savior. He can help you. He will help you. He says, "Look unto Me, and be delivered--for I am God!" Look up for light to guide you--and He will direct your path. Look up for grace to sanctify you--and the grace of Jesus will be found sufficient for you. Look up for strength to enable you to do a

Old Mormon vs New Mormon on Celestial Marriage

(HT: DefCon )

Mark’s Gospel, Performed by Max McLean: Free Online

Perhaps one of your New Year's Resolutions was to become familiar with the Gospels.  Even if it was not, you are sure to be blessed by this Justin Taylor discovery .  Max McLean's golden vocals resound from the stage with a word-for-word presentation of the Book of Mark.  Combined with clever  melodies, sound effects, and visuals helping you track the Messiah's progress through the ancient land, this dramatic reading of God's Word will bless those ears that were made for hearing. And did I mention it is free?   It's worth buying , if you have the funds and dislike watching things in-length on the computer. Running about an hour and a half in total, these YouTube videos are divided into single-chapter segments.  Of course, that will help you should you want to focus on individual texts.  However, if you have the time, also consider attempting the whole book in one sitting.  The book was written to be read aloud in its entirety, so this will help you gain a good b

FF: A Little Grace for Your Life

Do you want Logos Bible software for free?

Or, do you already have Logos but want faster access to the Bible than loading the complete program?  Either way, there is an awesome extension for  Google Chrome that will help you in your New Year excursions into the text.