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Closet Cessationists

Many respectable theologians believe all the gifts of the Holy Spirit still operate today.  In other words, good teachers promote the sign-gifts: speaking in tongues, healing, and prophetic utterances. However, do they really  believe that the New Testament gifts continue on the same level as they did in the first century?  At the Shepherds’ Conference, Nathan Busenitz explains that many otherwise sound theologians are, in reality, closet cessationists... that the miraculous gifts of the early church are not repeatable today. CLOSET CESSATIONISTS: How Continuationism Actually Affirms That the Miraculous Gifts Have Passed Away Mar 7, 2014 |  MP3

Every Christian leader should watch this video

For those who love conversion stories and also serve in ministry, Phil Johnson shared the practical implications of the text that served to save him from his sins.  I strongly recommend it: Watch Video (Youtube)