Two deaths after Todd Bentley's Lakeland Revival

Remember the false prophet and false healer Todd Bentley?  I'm still shocked over his antics and statements, and over how many people were buying into his nonsense.

Sadly, two people are now dead who claimed their healing, and it sounds like a third may follow.

(HT: Hear God Speak)

Just as a reminder, here were, in order, highlights of the so-called Lakeland Revival we examined:
July 18, 2008: We watched videos and then chatted:
  • Todd Bentley heard the "audible voice of God" and discovered he was demon possessed after his profession of faith.
  • Bentley announced the physical appearing of Jesus Christ in Lakeland, then said it would be spiritual (or invisible), then said it would be the (visible) Glory, then began to call down angels.  (To date, nothing appeared on stage, if you were wondering).
  • Bentley described some of the ways he has "healed" people:
    • he banged a crippled woman's legs up and down like baseball bats,
    • he kicked an elderly woman in the face (!),
    • he chest thrusts people to the ground,
    • the "ground and pound" technique,
    • choking (while commanding a demon to come out),
    • a running punch that resulted in a lost tooth (was the tooth healed later?)
    • leg dropping a pastor (to bring revival - that pastor must have made God mad!)
  • Bentley struck a stage-four cancer patient in the gut to heal him and to drive out demons.
  • Todd beat a woman in the stomach until she vomited, which he took to be evidence of an exorcised demon. 
  • Nightline reported there to be no evidence of healings.
  • We discussed that people like Bentley, not those of us pointing out his errors, are the ones creating division in the church.
July 19: I posted the audio of Todd Friel's interview with Justin Peters.  Justin Peters attended the "revival" and followed up on some of the healings... only to find they were not all we had hoped for.

July 31: Bentley followers shout down Gospel preacher.  

August 15: In the need to test revival with doctrine, we saw that the scandal bringing an unexpected halt to the Lakeland Revival was only symptomatic of the lack of sound theology surrounding the persons and events tied to it.

August 18: In when the Gospel is not the focus, we looked at the lack of evidence of healings and the lack of Bible-exaltation as evidence of the worship taking place during the Lakeland revival being a strange fire offered to the Lord.

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